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Automatically backs up your application's database and other files.

Download latest version: InstallRestBackup-1.10.exe



For support, please contact us at or 1-415-361-1808.

How It Works

The backup job runs at midnight, making a ZIP of your customer's database and files. The ZIP file uploads to the cloud:

Backup worker icon displaying 'Backing up bizmanager-2012-05-03.bak (140.0 MB)'

A notification appears when the backup completes:

Backup worker displaying notification 'Backed up bizmanager-2012-05-03.bak'

To get old backups, right-click the icon and choose "View Backups":

Accessing 'View Backups' on the popup menu

Your web browser shows the files and lets you download:

Screenshot of browser showing backed up files available for download


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Technical Documentation

This software communicates with the backup service through a RESTful API. See the RestBackup API & Client Libraries.

Rest Backup v1.8, built 2012-12-21 Copyright (C) 2012 Rest Backup LLC. Use of this software is subject to the Terms of Use, This suite of programs provides automatic backup functionality for your software. It includes programs to schedule nightly backups, upload files in the background, show the status of uploads, and download old backups. There are also tools to set up each program. Compatible with Windows XP, 2003, 2008 R1, 2008 R2, and 7. Please send bug reports and feature requests to Mike Leonhard <>. This package contains the following programs: * ExecuteBackupScript * ScheduleBackupJob * UnscheduleBackupJobs * BackupUploaderService * BackupUploaderServiceSetup * BackupTrayIcon * BackupTrayIconSetup ======================================== ExecuteBackupScript ======================================== Usage: ExecuteBackupScript.exe JOBNAME SCRIPTFILE This program backs up databases and files as specified in the script file. It adds the backups to a compressed zip file. Then it places the zip file in the 'drop' directory for the uploader service. See BackupScript-Example.txt for details on the backup script format. Example usage: ExecuteBackupScript.exe BizDBPro BackupScript.txt ======================================== ScheduleBackupJob ======================================== Usage: ScheduleBackupJob.exe JOBNAME SCRIPTFILE This program creates a scheduled task to run ExecuteBackupScript.exe every night to backup the files or databases specified in the backup script. The task start time is chosen randomly between midnight and 1 AM. The task is named "RestBackup-JOBNAME" and replaces all other tasks whose names that begin with "RestBackup-". Use UnscheduleBackupJobs.exe to delete the scheduled task. Example: ScheduleBackupJob.exe BizDBPro "C:\Program Files\Rest Backup\BackupScript-BizDBPro.txt" ======================================== UnscheduleBackupJobs ======================================== Usage: UnscheduleBackupJobs.exe /restbackup This program unschedules all backup jobs previously created with ScheduleBackupJob.exe. More precisely, it deletes all scheduled tasks whose names that begin with "RestBackup-". Example: UnscheduleBackupJobs.exe /restbackup ======================================== BackupUploaderService ======================================== This Windows Service uploads files to the RestBackup API. It watches the "drop" directory. Any files appearing there are renamed to the "staging" directory, uploaded to the backup url, and then deleted. Empty files and ".tmp" files are ignored. The service reads the backup account access url from settings.ini. The service writes status updates to BackupUploaderService.status.txt. BackupTrayIcon displays these status updates as popup notifications. The uploader service also writes to the Windows Application event log. It writes detailed log entries to "BackupUploaderService.log.txt". ======================================== BackupUploaderServiceSetup ======================================== Usage: BackupUploaderServiceSetup.exe install|start|stop|remove This program manages the Windows Service configuration of BackupUploaderService.exe. The 'install' command configures Windows to run the service in the background when the computer starts up. The 'start' and 'stop' commands tell Windows to start and stop the service. You can also 'remove' the service config from Windows. Removing the service config does not delete any files. Run this program as Administrator. The service runs under the local system account. Place the proper configuration values in settings.ini before starting up the service. Stop and start the service after updating settings.ini to put the new settings into effect. Example - Install and start up the service at installation: BackupUploaderServiceSetup.exe install BackupUploaderServiceSetup.exe start Windows will automatically start the service whenever the computer boots. Example - Stop and remove the service definition at uninstallation: BackupUploaderServiceSetup.exe stop BackupUploaderServiceSetup.exe remove ======================================== BackupTrayIcon ======================================== This program displays a tray icon and popup notifications. The tooltip shows which file is being uploaded. A popup notification appears when an upload finishes. The View Backups menu item allows the user to download old backups. This program gets its configuration from settings.ini. ======================================== BackupTrayIconSetup ======================================== Usage: BackupTrayIconSetup.exe enable|exit|disable This program configures Windows to start the BackupTrayIcon program when the user logs in. Use 'exit' to stop the BackupTrayIcon program. Use 'disable' to remove the startup configuration. Example - Configure and start up the tray icon at installation: BackupTrayIconSetup.exe enable BackupTrayIcon.exe Example - Stop and remove the tray icon at uninstallation: BackupTrayIconSetup.exe exit BackupTrayIconSetup.exe disable

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